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Here are some of my clients results.

Didn’t do any exercise, didn’t have any motivation and now feels healthier and fitter now working with Tim

Before working with Tim, Struggled to get motivation and the positivity to work out especially after having a baby. Now working with Tim it’s great to go to workouts I know longer dread it. Great environment and every motivates each other.

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I can’t get in the right mindset, I just don’t have the willpower, I am not motivated enough to get results. Ever felt like this is you? Struggling to get your head in the game and just wish that it could be simple to get your mindset into the right place? For a lot...

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We are not about a quick fix or gimmick that get results quickly but are not sustainable, we teach clients how to tackle serious issues when it comes to getting in shape, like emotional eating, changing habits, that helps get longer consistent results!

TCS Fitness Limited is about teaching people that have normally done diets, training plans, sometimes surgery to help get in shape.

The people I am talking about are normally at the point where they understand there is no quick fix to getting in shape or losing weight however, they know that they can’t do it alone. They have normally had children and their children are at the age they can look after themselves or they have moved out.

The most annoying thing for them is that they know what they should be doing or at least have a rough idea, however, can’t understand why they just can’t stick with it!

With emotional eating, random spurts of motivation or lack of, they have also tried loads of diets, and no one has explained the details of why these diets are not working or what are the “red flags” that should be looked for when trying to lose weight/get in shape.

With a wide range of Groups and Classes available I am sure there’s a perfect class to fit your lifestyle and goal Take a look at what I’ve got to offer here!

Still unsure if TCS Fitness is right for you? Use my handy Get In Touch page to ask me any questions you might have about, Personal Training, packages, programs, coaching or anything you’d like to know about TCS Fitness, I’ll always do my best to answer any questions or queries you might have!

Luckily, I’ve partnered up with a few friends of mine to help bring out the best version of you! Together with Future Survival we can use their vast adaptive space to get the perfect workout you need to shine! Further I’ve partnered with Marie’s Emporium, if you become a member, you instantly gain 10% off all Marie’s Emporium products and services!

Claim your free personalised action plan with Tim.

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