All Inclusive Personal Training

This is for people who have struggled with motivation to get in shape and want to make fitness easier, without the confusion or judgments often felt from gym/corprate based classes.

This program is for people that are serious reaching their goals and want to do it in a quick time frame, it’s hard work but worth it because you know you’re going to see results fast!

In my All-inclusive package I offer food advice for those who want a more specialised diet in order to attain their goals more efficiently. I will also personally preform regular check ins to make sure everything is going smoothly with your training, as well as giving feedback and asking questions to further streamline and adapt your Personal training in order to achieve the goals you want as well as hit all your targets.

I’ll be in communication with you, asking frequent questions to better understand what kind of fitness you want to achieve and how best we can work together to accomplish your goals as well as making sure we’re hitting all your targets. With this back-and-forth communication we’ll also be able to track your progress so you can keep your results without needing to constantly sign up to other programs.

Furthermore, you’ll receive up to 10 1-1 sessions per month in the all-inclusive package where we’ll be able to discuss what’s working and what you’d like to change, additionally I’ll be able to check your form and performance when exercising in order to make sure you’re getting the maximum effect of each workout, shortening the distance between you and your goals.

You’ll gain access to a wonderfully kind group of like-minded people, where everyone is able to discuss their workouts, progress, delicious recipes, real success stories, frustrations you might face along the way, targets other people are setting as well as regular update from me and other people that will let you know what going on as well as inspire you to reach your goals and smash your targets.

Free access to group classes to speed up results. / Within the All-inclusive package you’ll receive free access to all my group classes, this will help you speed up your results as although it won’t be a 1-1 session, you’ll still feel the effects of a group workout surrounded by like-minded people who are also chasing their goals.

Finally, a full guarantee that I’ll do my best to help you achieve your goals and smash your targets!


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  • Food advice regular checks
  • ask frequent question to educated yourself to be able to keep the your results without needing to constantly sign up to programs.
  • up to 10 1-1 sessions per month
  • online group with like minded people, so you can share recipes, successes and frustrations.
    target setting and regular updates
  • Free access to group classes to speed up results.
  • Full Guarantee.

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