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After my starting my own weight loss journey in 2011, where I lost 2 stone in 5 weeks, in the hope to better myself. I realised that quick weight loss was not sustainable nor healthy. after this realisation, I set out to get qualified so I could help others change, not just the way they look but the way they feel about themselves. I still focus on helping people changing their lives to get amazing weight loss and fitness goals. However, I do this in a way that is more sustainable and more about enjoying the process. This will help sticking to a healthy balanced lifestyle easier than being restrictive and end up on and off “Yo-yo dieting”.

The ability to come to unrestricted classes that will push you to reach your goals.

With a wide range of Groups and Classes available I am sure there’s a perfect class to fit your lifestyle and goal Take a look at what I’ve got to offer here!

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