The ability to come to unrestricted classes that will push you to reach your goals.

With a wide range of Groups and Classes available I am sure there’s a perfect class to fit your lifestyle and goal Take a look at what I’ve got to offer here!

Still unsure if TCS Fitness is right for you? Use my handy Get In Touch page to ask me any questions you might have about, Personal Training, packages, programs, coaching or anything you’d like to know about TCS Fitness, I’ll always do my best to answer any questions or queries you might have!

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Before working with Tim, Struggled to get motivation and the positivity to work out especially after having a baby. Now working with Tim it’s great to go to workouts I know longer dread it. Great environment and every motivates each other.

Had a health issues before starting, doctor told me to strengthen my core and I wasn’t sure what to do, he adjusted the workouts to my ability and level. really fun classes great for team building. classes are not easy, but they are fun.

Didn’t do any exercise, didn’t have any motivation and now feels healthier and fitter now working with Tim

She lost a dress size in 4 weeks, feels more motivated, sleeps better and is sticking to a healthier regime easier and happier.

I started TCS fitness because I have two young children and I wanted to be healthy and fit enough to keep up with them. Weight wise I’ve lost about 4-5 pounds however I have lost 12cm from my waist. If I wasn’t training with TCS I probably be bigger and unhealthier too! I would say that perseverance is the key. If I had stopped every time I had an ache or didn’t progress I wouldn’t be where I am. Without tims support this wouldn’t of been possible!
Being a busy working mum, I needed some time out just for me. Then I saw an advert for TCSfitness on Facebook and thought I’d give it a go.

Although I haven’t lost any weight, I’ve lost quite a few inches and as a result have dropped a dress size and changed body shape. My fitness levels are hugely better than when I started and everyone says how much happier I seem to be.

If I hadn’t started TCSfitness I don’t think I’d be in a very good place, I’d be a lot bigger than I was when I started and probably on antidepressants and unhappy.

I’d say, it’s exercise but fun exercise, Tim is brilliant, he listens to each persons individual needs and capability and will adapt exercises to suit everyone. Everybody who attends are friendly and everyone is happy to be there.

“I started my weight loss journey in November 2017 after some harsh truth from my GP. I had high blood pressure and was also in danger of being diabetic (which runs in my family). Started looking into improving my health by walking as much as I could and also went on a mindfulness course. Found TSC on Facebook and started with Tim in September 2018 and thought it was exactly what I needed, someone to motivate me.

When i started this journey I was 127kg (Nov, 2017) and was finding it really difficult to even walk up the stairs without getting breathless. Lost some weight before starting with TSC in September 2018 but wanted to lose more and tone up. Now I am 88kg (total loss 40kg aprox) and I feel so much better. I can walk a good distance without having to stop every 5min to catch my breath.

Honestly I think i would have gone back to square one of yo yo dieting, not being consistent with working out and would most likely be on tablets for high blood pressure (thankfully am not).

I asked Velma what she thought about my classes and what she would recommend to other people. This was her reply!

“DO IT. Classes are fun, everyone is very welcoming and encouraging and you will diffinatley feel better for it. Tim is a great instructor and he will keep you motivated.”