Hi Guys, Tim from TCSFitness here, I have 3 simple steps that will help you lose weight tone up and get fitter easier. So a lot of people struggle with losing weight or struggle staying on a healthy eating plan and then kick them selves because they are not motivated enough to stay on the task that is hand.

Step 1) is to find something you enjoy, it’s so much easier to lose weight / stay motivated if you’re enjoying where you go to. This could be, any kind of fitness class/ Personal Trainer if this is something you would like to do.

Step 2) Don’t try and change everything at once, as soon as you try and change everything at once . If you try and change everything at once you are likely to lose momentum and motivation quite quickly as it’s hard work. Of course this varies from person to person. I personally changed everything at once and I lost 2 stone in just over a month (5 weeks) however I am not your average person ( Just look at me 😉 I will leave space for you to laugh)

So if you are looking at losing weight and you want to keep it off, I would suggest changing 1 maybe 2 things a month to get used to the routine.

Step 3) Do it in a group, I would suggest doing this in a group or with someone.. The last thing need is people that aren’t following a program, that aren’t following any sort of movement forward. They will stop you reaching you goal, they are going to hold you back and you wont be able to reach your goal because They are going to be saying things like (and we all have friends/family like this) “oh it’s only one glass of wine come on join us”, “it’s not really that bad, it’s only a slice of bread”, “A sure you don’t want another slice of pizza”.

These 3 simple steps make a huge difference. With Regards to losing weight it should be as simple as putting on weight, however we complicate it in our heads. a lot of us don’t enough and a lot of us don’t know where to go in regards to what programme, weight loss class to go to, to lose weight. All because there is so much diversity with regards to weight loss. This is why I offer a 2 weeks free kick start to get fit and lose weight without stepping a foot into the gym. This is so you can come along try the training if you don’t like it or just simply don’t like me that’s cool. I won’t be to offend :-D. But if you do like the 2 weeks free and want to know how you could do more of it great, we have certain classes for everyone and work on all levels.

We are also looking at more classes that are based on being fit and having fun, things like Zumba, boxercise and we are looking at doing a food plan that just works. I know there are so many things out there so I wanted to put something together that worked with everyday people to get results.

If you want to join in please don’t hesitate to click the details below and sign up for our 2 weeks free and if you want food advice on those 2 weeks free I can help you during that with other snack ideas to take home!