A lot of us wake up feeling not good enough, depressed, feeling like something needs to change and throughout all this hoping something will.

The problem is, we have to be the one to change it and it’s HARD to change, in fact it’s not just hard it feels impossible.

Looking from the outside we all know what to do! Move more, eat less junk food, do your 10k steps but it’s not easy! especially, when you have a kid, animals to look after, also have a job, intact even the ironing looks more important to being healthy some times ( and that’s saying something as most people hate ironing right? )

The biggest problem is we are judging ourselves for not doing enough and I am going to tell you the truth, most personal trainers say once you lose weight you will be happy it’s a lie, because most personal trainers are hardly getting by and living from payment to payment and terrified that their clients will stop paying them and get simple advice from business coaches that we all know but don’t follow because it’s hard, just like weight loss!

So how do we change, is in mindset? Nutrition? more courses/exercises?

The answer is not simple at all and anyone that tells you they know they can help you without actually looking at you is lying.

This is the reason for my free jumpstart program and pilates class to see how I can help people around their fitness and weight loss issues.

But you know why I have found most people have not stuck to fitness and weight loss?

it’s not because lack of information, not doing enough exercise, eating the wrong things.

It’s because they don’t stick at it, consistency is the hardest thing, because if the fitness is boring, the food is boring, you hate what you are doing all the time and it’s not working for you!

Well yeah you give up..

surprise surprise.

you need to break it down, have a plan and find something that you can really depend on, be that friends, family, weight loss group, training groups, gym, etc.

I always suggest a group because you then don’t get bogged down with doing it on your own, you can help each other with recipes/training and not do it alone!

Stop judging yourself and just take one step at a time but have a plan to work towards otherwise nothing is going to happen!

Hope this helps!


Image by John Hain from Pixabay