I was recently scrolling through Facebook as most of us do in one stage of our day or another and I came across one of my friends posts (Kelly) about keeping weightloss simple and it inspired me to right this post!

Any way Kelly, starts of her post by saying that weight loss made simple (not easy).

Here is the thing, weight loss is a very simple process, eat less calories that you burn.

The thing is you still need a balanced diet to be healthy and need to avoid those things that say they are zero calories as the are full of products that your body will struggle with.

So let’s make it simple.


– Fully fresh foods(minimal processed foods). This means your body knows what to do with the foods it puts in it’s system. quick tip if the food lasts for more than 2 weeks out of a packet it’s probably not fresh.

– Be conscious of what you eat ( track it). Tracking food, does not mean calories as this is one way but more being aware of what you ate and then being able to look back and see why you didn’t get results is important!

– Mind the drinking (alcohol or coffee/teas/juices ) this can easily add up un needed calories. I am not saying you can’t ever go out for a drink, I am saying that make it a rarer occasion, lifestyle is key to change!

– Eat those greens (high in fiber, calcium, iron and low in calories). We are recommend 5 fruit and veg a day.. it should be on the region of 10 fruit and veg a day and this is why we struggle with illness and bowl problems so much!


– Minimum 30 minute walking a day ( this can be done in 3, 10 minutes walks or 1 30 minute walk.) we want to be able to smash the 10k step mark and actually we should spend more time outside helping our immune system!

– Spend more time outside, the cross between vitamin D and fresh air helps with stress, energy and mindset.

– some form of exercises 3-4 times a week. This does not have to be going to the GYM, as many you know I am a huge advocate of training outside, but this could be pilates, yoga, swimming, bike rides with the kids and my person favourite Rock climbing 🙂 .

– Change the small things in your life, take the stairs not the lift .. ( if you work on the 55 floor, take one flight of stairs to start with and then build up slowly) Walk to work or cycle, get off 1 stop early.

– Sleep for 6-8 hours, a lot of people over train and under sleep.. this is a massive no! We need sleep and rest to recover, it’s not always go go go.

– Avoid so much screen time, a lot of us depend on TV, phones and computers to sustain our constant need for stimulation. but this puts our minds into a state of stress which raises cortisol, which in small doses is ok but not in a constant state as this hormone makes it hard to lose weight and stay healthy. Breath and take some down time from screens!

I really hope this helps I know it’s a lot of information so try and change 1 or 2 things and then work on that rather than changing 2 things no more in one go.

(Image by bohemienne from Pixabay)