I am pretty sure I have told enough people that I am a personal trainer that is passionate about weight loss and helping people to lose weight…

However over my years doing PT I have realised that there is a lot more to do with weight loss that just food and training.

I am not going to cover everything in this email, but I will tell you what is involved..

Weight loss list :-S

– Food
– Training
– Weight
– Height
– Muscle mass ( amount of muscles)
– Hormones
– Sex
– daily activity
– Sleep
– work
– stress
– mindset
– the way you breath ( Sounds silly I know)

As you can now see why just dieting alone does not work long term.. it’s not about the way we train or eat that makes the difference it’s about the way we live.

We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of consumerism that we get stuck on the diet side or the training side to “fix us” where as one you’re not broken and two that’s not the thing that should be changing if you really want to make the difference……

So what are the things that I suggest making a change on first…

– the small things
1)walking up stairs and not taking the list
2) how you get to work
3) how often you play video games or spend watching tv or on social media
4) How often you sit at a desk and what your breathing and posture is like while you are sitting at the desk.
5) being conscious of what you are eating, not just picking things up to eat them..

There are other things but these 5 things are a massive part of getting fit and losing weight.

let’s put it this way..

you have 24 hours in a day
7 days a week
8 hours of those are for sleeping.
5 hours a week for training ( at a push for most people starting out)

(24*7)- (8*7) = 112 – 5= 107

This means you have 107 hours a week where you can either

1) make yourself feel rubbish by feeling your body with not great food.
2) not do the little bits that make a huge impact
3) breath shallowly and not correct posture which in the end makes your body short of breath and bad posture.
4) slower results come weight day..


1) eat consciously (which means you can still have food that’s not great but you have to own it! )
2) take the stairs and get fit quick because you never realised how many stairs there were in your life :-p.
3) Learn to breath fully and pull your posture, to take a breath of fresh air ( pardon the pun)
4) Owning your life changes and feel awesome for it!

​I Will be posting more on this soon,

But I really hope this helps!