I can’t get in the right mindset, I just don’t have the willpower, I am not motivated enough to get results.

Ever felt like this is you? Struggling to get your head in the game and just wish that it could be simple to get your mindset into the right place?

For a lot of people most of the battle to getting their fitness goals is mindset rather than eating and training. Sure, those things are important but first it’s getting into a frame of mind where you feel able to move forward, especially when losing weight and/or toning up can get overwhelming very quickly.

I have devised 6 simple steps to get your head in the game!

Tell yourself your goal. (This may seem simple but so many people don’t actually know what they are aiming for) Just to “lose weight” is not a decent enough answer! You need to ask yourself these questions and then answer in as much detail as you can:

Q1) Is your main goal weight loss, fitness, toning, beach body, getting bigger muscles… ETC. or any combination of these.

Q2) (Assuming you wanted to lose weight.) Why do I want to lose weight?

Q3) How much weight for your overall target?

Q4) When do you want to reach this goal?

Q5) Can you see yourself actually imagining getting to this target? (If no, because “it will be too hard”, adjust the goal and make it achievable in your mind). A lot of people struggle with goals that don’t have an end point rather than having a final image to work towards (you wouldn’t fly a plane to no where, you need a destination!).

Now there is a lot of reasoning behind having such a defined goal/target. Because now you know what you want and you can focus on this without hesitation, it’s now in your head and means you are one step closer to being focused enough to start your journey.

2) Talk about your goal; make it a focus point in your life. The problem is a lot of us let our goals be secrets because of many reasons- just naming a few; embarrassment, shame, lack of belief, scared of other opinions…ETC.

I am not saying you have to tell the whole word on social media what you’re doing, just a couple of people closest to you, write gentle reminders on sticky notes or on fridges books, messages on your phone to remind you.
This will keep your goals in the forefront of your mind- making it easier to stick to any and all goals, you’ll get the encouragement from family/friends that want to know how you’re doing, and also daily reminders from the sticky notes that you have left around.

3) If you don’t reach your goals just take a look at how far you have come! You have not failed! You simply didn’t get to the desired point. Giving up won’t get you anywhere any faster so take a deep breath and carry on.
So many people give up because they have not reached their “goal” but then they don’t see how far they have got, or could have got if they’d carried on.

4) Try new things! Everyone thinks you need to go to the gym or have a personal trainer to get amazing weight loss results, this is a common misconception. People get more results if they enjoy doing something rather than dreading it. Don’t make it a chore! So many people see massive weight loss goals just from walking and eating rich, nutritional food.

5)Keep track of what you are doing, there is no point what-so-ever thinking you’re not getting anywhere and then realising that you haven’t even taken a photo for 3 years and now you have nothing to judge it by. Here are some measurements that you should try; taking a before picture, centimetres, fit tests, weight, body fat, how you feel on a day to day basis.

6) Change the small things; a lot of people go into weight loss challenges and fitness challenges guns blazing, running in like cowboys against thousands of enemies (I know you just imagined that). You just wouldn’t take on things all at once in that situation- so why do it with something as simple as your own health. Change the smaller things such as; going for daily walks, eating breakfast every day, drinking a pint more of water a day, making sure you do activities on weekends, grabbing something healthy to eat instead of a chocolate bar. These things are only small things but trying to do all of these straight away can seem very daunting.

I really hope this has helped, remember; follow these steps to get your mindset in the right place and you will be getting the body of your dreams in no time!